‘How could this happen’, says Chase customer after son found $3,000 missing from his account as ‘bank skipped key step’

A CHASE Bank customer questioned how $3,000 vanished from her son’s account and why he was locked out of his funds.

The mother said the money was taken out of an ATM in a city her son did not live in and she questioned why the bank did not take an extra step.


A mother questioned why $3,000 had disappeared from her son’s Chase Bank accountCredit: Getty

She said her son initially discovered the problem when he attempted to log into his online banking but he had been locked out.

“He drove to his local branch and was told he’d been locked out because his billing address and password had been changed on his account,” she told Cleveland.com.

The money was taken out of his account on November 7, 2017, and the mother claimed Chase told him someone had written a check on the account.

She added that his account had been hacked through his app and an eATM machine.

The mother said her son had filed a police report the next day and Chase issued him a conditional $3,000 credit during the investigation.

She said his ordeal continued as he was again locked out of his account due to too many login attempts.

His local bank reportedly told him the attempts had been made from an Android phone but the account holder used a different phone.

Her anger continued as she claimed they later received an email that said the case was resolved but the bank removed the $3,000 conditional amount they had given him.

The money was later given back to her son however the mother said she had to intervene first.

“This is when I came into the picture,” she said.

“I also bank at Chase and I am a Preferred Chase Private client. 

“I called my branch manager and filled him in. He said he would get involved and was “on our side on this.”

The mother questioned why Chase Bank did not check the initial transaction.

“How could Chase not verify a transaction at an eATM for $3,000, especially when that amount was so out of his normal transaction history,” she asked.

“Not even a text or call to my son.”

Chase Bank spokesperson Jeff Lyttle said the bank did offer verification procedures for its clients including free email and text alerts.

Customers are also able to decide if they want to receive the verification message on a certain value of the transaction, for example on requests of over $100 or $500.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Chase Bank for comment.

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