“His corpse is in the mortuary, no case to answer” – Conversation between Mohbad’s alleged killers surfaces (Audio)

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An audio tape featuring the conversation of the alleged killers of late Nigerian singer, Mohbad, has surfaced on the internet days after his burial.

Recall that the Nigerian singer was pronounced dead on September 12.

Late Nigerian singer, Mohbad

Regarding his death, numerous rumors circulated, including one claiming that he had visited a hospital earlier in the day and was injected due to a possible ear infection.

There were also rumors suggesting that he was hit with a charm while performing in Ikorodu a few days before his death.

Amidst these speculations, some speculated that he might have been attacked by individuals loyal to his former boss, but no evidence has been presented to substantiate this claim.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian police force has released a statement announcing its intention to investigate the potential cause of Mohbad’s death.

In the midst of these developments, an audio tape has emerged on the internet, purportedly capturing a conversation between two individuals who claim to be involved in Mohbad’s demise.

During the conversation, the individuals discussed Mohbad’s condition and adding that there is no case to answer.

Speaker 1: “He (mohbad) is already in the mortuary.”

Speaker 2: ” (agrees) on God they’ve put him their.”

Speaker 1:All stations left to beg, no case to answer. (Settled).”


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