Heartwarming video shows Chinedu Ikedieze teaching his daughter Yoruba

In a heartwarming video that has put smiles on the face of many netizens, Chinedu Ikedieze is seen teaching his daughter Yoruba.

The Nollywood sweetheart and veteran actor, who is popular for his movie, Aki and Pawpaw, where he portrayed the character Aki, has made Nigerians laugh today.

Chinedu Ikedieze  could be seen in the video, which was posted on the social media platform, X, attempting to teach his daughter Yoruba, even though he is not very good at it as he made it a mixture of Yoruba and Igbo. At the end of the video, he is heard saying, “Yoruba ni”.

Nollywood actor, Chinedu Ikedieze.
Credit: chineduikedieze / Instagram.

Many netizens have taken to the comment section to react heartily. See below:

@yhettyqueen1_ said: The girl go failll ????????

@youngskidmusic said: Awnnnnn????????????. I go teach my daughter Igbo too ????????????????

@iamjshadow1 said: Is this Yoruba or Igbo ????????????

@AkposJim said: Na the first one I understand,the second one e be like na igbo Yoruba or panya he speak there

@aphrodeetees said: Abeg wetin be this… Egun, Igbo and gibberish mixed together ????????????

@LoloEtny said: Yorugbo yeah Yorugbo ..because wetin be this???????

@SasanutritionD said: It’s sounds like speaking in tongues to me ????

@KanuArnold said: Is he learning or teaching??? ????????????????

@FemiOguntayo2 said: Lol. Baba, no murder the Language for us na!

The link to the video below:


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