Harmony Montgomery, 5, ‘died in back of car as dad Adam did drugs & ate Burger King before he put her body in a cooler’

THE father of a murdered 5-year-old ignored her as she was dying in his car, stopping for fast food and doing drugs instead of helping his daughter, prosecutors have alleged.

Adam Montgomery, 34, is on trial for allegedly killing little Harmony, who was missing for two years before cops learned of her disappearance.


Five-year-old Harmony Montgomery was beaten to death by her father, prosecutors sayCredit: WBZ CBS
Adam Montgomery is on trial for her murder but has denied killing the little girl


Adam Montgomery is on trial for her murder but has denied killing the little girlCredit: AP
He is accused of moving Harmony's body several times after she died, including putting her remains inside a cooler


He is accused of moving Harmony’s body several times after she died, including putting her remains inside a coolerCredit: Court TV

Adam is charged with second-degree murder, tampering with witnesses and informants, falsifying physical evidence, and abuse of a corpse.

In 2019, he allegedly got angry with Harmony for wetting herself in the car, which the family was living in, and punched her multiple times.

His estranged wife, Kayla, is cooperating with the prosecution and said that after Adam beat the 5-year-old, he told her he heard something startling.

“I think I really hurt her this time. I think I did something,” Adam allegedly said, according to court documents.

Harmony reportedly moaned for about five minutes before she suddenly stopped.

Her body has never been found.

Her father, meanwhile, has denied any involvement in Harmony’s murder.

However, during the first day of trial, Adam told Judge Amy Messer that he plans to admit to two charges, abuse of a corpse and falsifying physical evidence.


New details emerged in court on Wednesday about the girl’s horrific death, which is said to have come on December 7, 2019.

In opening statements at trial, Assistant Attorney General Christopher Knowles described how the little girl was murdered.

Harmony Montgomery’s ‘killer dad’ tries to block evidence on his ‘disturbing purchases after 5-year-old’s disappearance’

“He began striking her as he was driving, holding onto the wheel,” Knowles alleged.

“He began punching this little girl repeatedly, repeatedly for something she had no control over. He struck her blow after blow after blow.”

The prosecutor further alleged that Adam, a convicted felon, stopped for fast food after brutally abusing his child.

“He pulled into that parking lot at Burger King and he ordered his food,” Knowles said in court.

“He ordered his food and he ate. He didn’t stop to check on Harmony.

“He didn’t look back at her. He didn’t show any concern for this innocent little girl, the child he had just beaten. He ordered his food, and he ate. And he didn’t stop.”

Cops said that Harmony’s father never tried to get help for his daughter.

“At no time did anyone stop or get Harmony medical attention as the result of this assault,” police wrote in an affidavit.

“She went from [being] a girl who radiated happiness, to a scared girl, and from there she went to be the dead girl rotting in the bag,” Knowles said in court.

“And then she went to be the dead girl rotting in the ceiling, a ceiling the defendant slept under for months.”

Harmony’s mom, Crystal Sorey, called cops to report her missing on November 18, 2021, after being unable to reach her for months.


Harmony’s stepmom, Kayla, is expected to testify against Adam at trial as the prosecution’s key witness.

She is currently serving an 18-month prison sentence for perjury.

Kayla has given evidence against her husband, claiming he was the one to kill her step-child, but Adam’s lawyers offered another theory.

“Kayla Montgomery was the last person to see Harmony alive and knows how Harmony died,” defense attorney James Brooks told jurors.

“Adam is not an innocent here. He and Kayla covered up Montgomery’s death … Adam Montgomery did not kill Harmony.”

Brooks argued that Kayla had previously lied to investigators on multiple occasions before she landed a plea deal.

The lawyer asked jurors in the courtroom to judge the case “not on sympathy, but on the evidence and evidence alone.”

“Kayla was all about about protecting herself to wiggle out of accountability for her own crimes,” said Brooks.


Harmony was last seen alive in October 2019, but police were not aware of her disappearance until November 2021.

For most of her life, she lived either with her birth mother or under government care.

Things changed in 2019, when her father got custody of her.

A home she once lived in was described as filthy and neighbors often reported fights and possible child abuse, police reports obtained by The U.S. Sun revealed.

Between 2019 and 2020, police were called to the home about 16 times.

“Neighbor concerned about a young child living at this address. Said she thinks the parents are squatting there and have no electricity, just a small generator,” one report read.

“And there is trash everywhere. She is concerned for the child and asked that we check the condition.”

Cops spoke with Adam’s brother, Michael, who said he believed that Adam was abusive to Harmony and once gave her a black eye.

Adam’s uncle, Kevin, confirmed that information to investigators and said that he asked Adam about the wound.

When confronted, Adam allegedly told his uncle that he had “bashed her [Harmony] around the house,” in July 2019.

He allegedly told his uncle that he was upset because his infant son was crying when little Harmony was supposed to be watching him.

Demetrios Tsaros, a former Child Protective Services worker, said he got a completely different story from Adam.

“He bought the kids, like, foam swords or light sabers and that they were playing with them and that Harmony was struck in the face,” Tsaros said.

Adam’s uncle also told cops that his nephew often spanked his daughter, forced her to stand in the corner for hours, and made her scrub the toilet with her own toothbrush.


Investigators believe that Adam moved his daughter’s remains from place to place for three months, storing them in different containers as his family went from home to home.

Kayla said that the 5-year-old’s body was placed in the trunk of a car, a cooler in an apartment building, the ceiling vent of a homeless shelter, and a freezer.

At one point, her remains were reportedly kept in a tote bag from a hospital maternity ward.

Kayla admitted to placing the bag in a stroller between her young children and bringing it to Adam’s workplace.

Prosecutors allege that Adam eventually disposed of Harmony’s body in March 2020.

“He believed if there was no body to find, there would be no evidence of what he had done and he would get away with this heinous crime,” Knowles said in court.

Prosecutors claimed that Adam compressed Harmony’s body and added lime so her remains would decompose faster.

“Harmony, at that point, was skin and bones,” Knowles said.

He went on to say that Adam had a friend rent him a U-Haul that he used to move his daughter’s body in the middle of the night.

“He told Kayla that he was not going to tell her where he was going to dump Harmony,” Knowles said.

“He was in control, he had all the pieces.”

Toll data revealed that the truck crossed the Tobin Bridge in Boston multiple times, but cops weren’t able to find Harmony’s body.

Adam’s murder trial began on Wednesday morning and he has so far declined to attend proceedings in person after becoming upset that he had to be strip searched to be transported to court.

Harmony's uncle claimed her father once gave her a black eye


Harmony’s uncle claimed her father once gave her a black eyeCredit: Facebook
Little Harmony was last seen in 2019


Little Harmony was last seen in 2019Credit: Facebook
Her mother, Crystal Sorey, claimed to have tried to get in contact with her daughter for over a year


Her mother, Crystal Sorey, claimed to have tried to get in contact with her daughter for over a yearCredit: Facebook

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