‘Grocery shopping has become my least favorite chore,’ groans Kroger shopper after ‘offensive’ change to self-checkout

KROGER has come under fire from a shopper claiming its use of artificial intelligence at self-checkouts makes shopping frustrating and inefficient.

As retailers across the nation tackle shoplifting (which causes annual losses for the industry of over $100 billion), customers are being barraged with constant technological and policy changes.


A Kroger shopper has slammed the retailer for its self-checkout technology that ruins their shopping tripCredit: Getty
As retailers battle theft they are forced to implement new policies and install more sophisticated technology


As retailers battle theft they are forced to implement new policies and install more sophisticated technologyCredit: Getty

These include security gates, shopping carts with locking features, receipt checks, and placing certain products under lock and key.

Now, a Kroger shopper has added their complaints to the many voices of disgruntled shoppers on X, formerly Twitter, to which the retailer has diligently responded.

“@kroger grocery shopping has become my least favorite chore,” the shopper wrote in a post.

“The AI policing your self-checkout line is offensive.

“Please place you (sic) item in the bagging area which is designed to only use your crappy plastic bags.

“Then it stops and calls an attendant.”

“DO BETTER KROGER,” the shopper demanded.

In response to the complaint, the retailer apologized and said it would “make sure to address this concern.”

It is unclear what AI technology the shopper is discussing but late last year the retailer did roll out high-tech systems powered by AI at its self-checkouts.

This technology helps monitor how shoppers scan their items at self-checkout and would then flag anything suspicious.

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Cameras situated above the self-checkout stations watch customers, focusing on how they scan goods, per the Raleigh News and Observer.

The video is examined by Everseen Visual AI before any discrepancies are flagged as a warning on the machine.

Kroger chiefs hailed the new technology as something that would “fit in seamlessly with our existing self-checkout systems.”

It would “make the checkout process more robust, in a way that’s non-disruptive for our customers,” said Chris McCarrick, the senior manager of asset protection solutions and technology at Kroger.

“It really is a win-win situation.”

Anti-theft measures rolled out by retailers

Retailers across the US and Canada have rolled out strategies designed to combat theft. The U.S. Sun has compiled a list of measures that have been implemented at stores.

  • Locking items in cabinets.
  • Security pegs.
  • Security cameras.
  • Signs warning about the impact of theft.
  • Receipt scanners.
  • Receipt checks.
  • Carts with locking technology

However, not all shoppers agree, with The U.S. Sun previously reporting on a Kroger customer who vowed to boycott the retailer after growing “so tired” of self-checkout pains.

“So tired of long checkout lines, poorly stocked shelves, and apathetic and unhelpful staff at @kroger,” he wrote on X, adding that he would be shopping at a newly opened store instead.

Meanwhile, others are urging the retailer to address claims of severe pick-up and delivery delays.

One shopper slammed the PickUp service calling it the “opposite of convenience” and questioning how Kroger would hold staff “accountable.”

Meanwhile, another customer who had delivery delays and last-minute changes said, “Please fix this!”

Kroger responded to the complaints and apologized to both customers.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Kroger for comment regarding the latest complaint.

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