‘Going to be homeless,’ cries woman losing house over $2.6k – tiny business card was only warning she did anything wrong

UNPAID taxes that racked up to more than $2,600 almost led a woman to lose a home she paid off and had multiple family members living in.

Carmen “Nancy” Rodriguez owns a home that she paid off in Worcester, Massachusetts, 47 miles west of Boston, but got an abrupt and unexpected notice that her home was being foreclosed on.


Carmen ‘Nancy’ Rodriguez almost lost her home over $2,600 in unpaid taxesCredit: Google
A foreclosure company. paid doff her unpaid taxes and she was about to get evicted but she fought to keep her home


A foreclosure company. paid doff her unpaid taxes and she was about to get evicted but she fought to keep her homeCredit: Getty

The notice came in the form of a business card in her mailbox that just cryptically said, “Call me” in 2019.

“A little card, like a business card, that said ‘Please call me,’” Rodriguez told local news MassLive in 2023. 

“Great, we’re all going to be homeless.”

Carmen “Nancy” RodriguezMassLive

Rodriguez was instantly shocked because she was not aware that she had unpaid taxes for her home. 

“I always paid my taxes,” she said

Rodriguez called the number on the card and was informed that her home was being foreclosed on Tallage Davis, a top foreclosure company in the state. 


The homeowner became afraid she wasas going to be homeless due to the foreclosure notice.

“Great, we’re all going to be homeless,” Rodriguez said. 

But Rodriguez was not going to let this slide and began fighting to not have her home taken away.

An attorney who was becoming concerned about tax foreclosures, Todd Kaplan, with Greater Boston Legal Services, reached out to Rodriguez to help her.

“I was overjoyed,” Rodriguez said.

‘This is daylight robbery,’ cries homeowner as own house is sold without her consent over $3,500 – but HOA has the right

The homeowner insisted she was going to do whatever it takes to try and keep her home.

“I didn’t just give up and say ‘Here, take my house,’” She said.

“I didn’t give up.”

After four years of battling for her home, the US Bankruptcy Court for Massachusetts denied Tallage a motion to evict Rodriguez from her home, Telegram reported in 2023.


It is not uncommon for people to lose their homes after unpaid taxes but it is common for it to shake up someone entire world with devastation.

Another homeowner named Darin Bigus racked up a nearly $9,000 bill for unpaid HOA fees and the association foreclosed his home to get the money. 

His financial situation completely plummeted as he was hoping to profit from the home.


Homeowners or borrowers will receive a Notice of Default by their lender triggering the foreclosure process.

Those in HOA communities can also see their homes foreclosed by their HOA for falling behind on fees meaning that even if you keep up on mortgage payments, you can still lose your home.

Before foreclosure, a HOA will put a lien on your property which then allows them to auction it to reclaim unpaid funds.

The sale price of the property can often be much less than they are worth as it only needs to be enough to cover the debts to the HOA or lender and is sold via auction to the highest bidder.

Bigus bought the home for $267,500 in 2015 and by 2022 it was worth about $520,000.

But he saw none of that equity because an investor bought the house for a low price of $76,000 at an auction. 

“I honestly thought someone was messing with me,” Bigus told the Colorado Sun.

“It completely destroyed me financially. 

“It destroyed my life.”

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