Gbenga Adeyinka speaks on importance of stand-up comedians

A popular comedian, media personality and entrepreneur, Gbenga Adeyinka, has given reasons to back his conviction that stand-up comedy is not dead, despite the growing popularity of social media comedians.

He told Sunday Scoop, “Life is a continuum. The only thing that is constant in life is change. But, that is not to say that stand-up comedy is dead; we only moved a step higher. There is space for everything. In the past, not many people had phones, talk more of data to view audio-visual comedy materials.

“But, content has now moved to the hands of the people. Events such as weddings and comedy shows cannot happen on the phone and other devices. That kind of content has to be ‘captured live’ before it can be put on the phone. Anyway, I consider the proliferation of social media comedy to be a welcome development, which means we are evolving. That is what we have always prayed for.”

The prolific master of ceremonies also noted that life as an entertainer had taught him to stand by his own convictions and not to expect too much from people. He added that although the comedy industry was still evolving, it was a big market that had room to accommodate as many people as possible.

He also stated that though skit makers seemed to be making a lot of money at the moment, it had no impact on the finances of stand-up comedians. He said, “There is a market for everybody. We charge different fees. There are some skit makers who don’t make as much as some of their other colleagues; so, success is relative. We are all growing together, and we all have different needs. One should just focus on one’s craft and continue to grow.”

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