Fresh hope for Israeli hostages as soldiers find ‘laptops full of pics & vids of captured victims at al-Shifa hospital’

ISRAELI troops claim to have uncovered laptops containing pictures and videos of hostages at Gaza’s largest hospital.

Dozens of victims were kidnapped by Hamas during the horror October 7 massacre – and haven’t been heard from since.


Lt Col Jonathan Conricus said laptops with pictures of hostages were found at the hospitalCredit: BBC
Israeli soldiers claim a military pamphlet titled 'military ordnance' was also uncovered


Israeli soldiers claim a military pamphlet titled ‘military ordnance’ was also uncoveredCredit: BBC
Israeli troops entered the al-Shifa Hospital on Tuesday night


Israeli troops entered the al-Shifa Hospital on Tuesday night

But there is now fresh hope for the captives as Israeli soldiers say they have found photographic evidence of them at al-Shifa hospital.

Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus told The BBC during a tour of the facility: “We uncovered a lot of computers and other equipment which could really shed light on the current situation, hopefully regarding hostages as well.”

He said the devices were found alongside a number of military books and pamphlets the IDF believe suggest Hamas terrorists were there “within the last few days”.

Lt Col Conricus said a map was also found that appeared to mark entry and exit routes from the hospital.

Israel has claimed the hospital is the “beating heart” of Hamas, and this week launched a raid to hunt down terrorists using it as cover.

IDF footage showed troops taking in humanitarian as thousands of patients, doctors and displaced Palestinians have been trapped inside the besieged complex for weeks.

The IDF also claimed that it had successfully provided incubators, baby food and medical supplies to the hospital.

Israel said what is called a “precise and targeted” raid inside al Shifa is a “military necessity” to root out Hamas.

Since storming the facility, IDF forces have found a huge weapons cache within the MRI centre.

Israeli special forces wearing night vision goggles found their al-Shifa HQ in a dramatic 2am raid.

They revealed the devastating arsenal they found hidden among bandages and dressings.

It included grab bags containing Kalashnikovs, AK-47s, grenades, body armour with Hamas insignia and ammo.

The hospital is at the heart of clashing narratives over who is to blame for the thousands of deaths and widespread destruction inside bomb-blitzed northern Gaza.

Israel accuses Hamas of using Palestinians as human shields, while Palestinians and rights groups say Israel has recklessly endangered civilians as it seeks to eradicate the group.

IDF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said troops have been in contact with hospital staff to facilitate the evacuation of patients, who have been used as human shields by Hamas.

He explained how terrorists likely managed to escape the hospital without being noticed.

“We found uniforms of Hamas terrorists which were thrown on the hospital floor, to allow those terrorists to escape, likely disguised as civilians,” Hagari said.

“We warned the hospital management in advance, before our operation.

“We also delivered to the hospital medical equipment and baby food.”

Fellow Israel Defence Forces spokesman Lt-Col Jonathan Conricus said the evidence “totally confirms without a doubt that Hamas systematically uses hospitals in their military operations”.

He added: “What we have found is only the tip of the iceberg. These weapons have absolutely no business being inside a hospital.

“The only reason they are here is because Hamas put them here and they use this place like many other hospitals for their illicit military purposes.”

But Gaza’s health ministry denies the claims.

A Hamas spokesperson said: “The Israeli occupation’s claim that weapons are being stored at al-Shifa hospital is a blatant lie that should deceive nobody any longer.

“The Zionist occupation’s claim that it found weapons and military equipment at al Shifa medical complex is nothing but a continuation of its lies and cheap propaganda.”

A soldier showed what he claimed was a cache of weapons in the MRI unit


A soldier showed what he claimed was a cache of weapons in the MRI unit
Israel claims a Hamas stronghold lay beneath Gaza's largest hospital


Israel claims a Hamas stronghold lay beneath Gaza’s largest hospitalCredit: Reuters

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