Former Real Madrid Coach Fabio Capello Believes Napoli Can Defeat Los Blancos in Champions League Clash

In an interview with Il Mattino, former Real Madrid coach Fabio Capello expressed his belief that Napoli has the potential to defeat the Spanish giants in their upcoming UEFA Champions League tie. Capello also praised Vinicius Junior and Jude Bellingham, stating that these two players stand out among the rest.

According to Capello, Napoli has shown promising performances in their recent matches against Udinese and Lecce. Although their start may not have been particularly exciting due to a lack of fluidity, Capello believes that time is needed for their new coach to bring out the best in the team.

Looking ahead to Tuesday’s match against Real Madrid, Capello acknowledges the difficulty but emphasizes that anything is possible in the Champions League. He commends Napoli’s decision for staying in Naples, as it shows their desire to win important trophies and highlights the significance of remaining committed to the team.

In Capello’s view, Napoli is still a work in progress, while Real Madrid represents history. He suggests that winning against such a formidable opponent would be a true accomplishment, whereas a loss would mean nothing. Capello specifically points out two players who he considers to be above the others: Vinicius and Bellingham.

Unfortunately for Napoli, Capello states that the Brazilian player Vinicius is available again, which poses a significant threat to Napoli’s defense. Vinicius’ skill and talent make him one of the biggest dangers that Napoli will face in the upcoming match against Real Madrid.

As the UEFA Champions League clash between Napoli and Real Madrid approaches, all eyes will be on these two teams as they battle it out on the field. Capello’s analysis brings anticipation and excitement to the game, showcasing the potential for an intriguing match filled with surprises.


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