Flag Controversy Erupts in Wayanad Rally: Congress Criticized From Left and Right

Flag politics resurfaced during Rahul Gandhi‘s recent rally in Wayanad, Kerala, sparking criticism from both ends of the political spectrum. Notably, the absence of Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) flags at the rally, a key ally of the Congress in Kerala, drew attention and raised eyebrows.

Contrary to the alliance’s typical display of flags from both the Congress and IUML, the rally in Wayanad featured a noticeable absence of IUML flags. This departure from the norm may have been a cautious measure by the Congress to steer clear of prior controversies surrounding flag displays.

The IUML, a significant partner in the Congress-led UDF in Kerala, was noticeably absent in terms of flag representation at the event. Instead, the rally showcased Indian national flags, Tricolour balloons, and images of Rahul Gandhi, marking a departure from the usual display.

In response to the flag controversy at Rahul Gandhi’s Wayanad rally, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan criticized the Congress, asserting that the party lacked the boldness to openly exhibit its own flag. Vijayan further suggested that the Congress’s apprehension indicated a fear of communal forces, reflecting a concerning trend within the party.

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