Family Dismisses Death Reports of Islamic Scholar Sheikh Dahiru Usman-Bauchi

The family of the renowned Islamic scholar, Sheikh Dahiru Usman-Bauchi, has vehemently dismissed the circulating reports insinuating the demise of the esteemed cleric. Sheikh Usman-Bauchi, a key figure in the Tijjaniyya Movement within Sufism in Nigeria, was erroneously reported dead in the early hours of Wednesday.

In a swift and reassuring response, Sanusi Dahiru, a close relative of the cleric, shed light on the true state of Sheikh Dahiru Usman-Bauchi’s health, confirming that the 97-year-old scholar is, in fact, hale and hearty. Mr. Dahiru stressed that he had spoken with the Sheikh personally, affirming that the scholar was in good health in Abuja as of that morning.

Sanusi Dahiru also disclosed that Sheikh Dahiru-Bauchi is scheduled to leave Abuja for Kaduna on Thursday to attend the closing ceremony of the annual Qur’an Tafsir, an event where he was initially represented by his son, Dr. Sulumbai Dahiru. The family member urged the public, particularly the cleric’s admirers, to ignore the false reports of his death circulating and to join in prayer for the continued good health and wellbeing of Sheikh Dahiru Usman-Bauchi.

The family’s prompt response serves to debunk the rumors surrounding Sheikh Dahiru Usman-Bauchi’s demise and offers a clear picture of the reality of the scholar’s current condition. The clarification from the family member, Sanusi Dahiru, stands as a testament to the continued vigor and vitality of the 97-year-old Islamic scholar, despite his advanced age.

It is evident that Sheikh Dahiru Usman-Bauchi holds a revered position in the Tijjaniyya Movement and the broader Sufi community in Nigeria. The affirmation of his well-being brings relief to his followers and well-wishers, underscoring the significance of his continued presence and teachings in the Islamic faith.

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