"Every Woman Was Once A Fornicator Only If Favor Find Her Just Like Me" – Ruth Kadiri Speak On Her Past Life

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 Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri has shared some tips about women’s life on her Instagram page.

She stated that women are likely to become what is against her wish because of the nature of the society and peer pressure.

Most women became a fornicator not because they enjoy it, but because they want to feel among, I will say 90% of women go through this only if favor finds her just like me(chuckle), she explained.

But, there’s a solution to this only for the hardworking women, make your own money ignore lustful men and see yourself attracting valuable and notable men to yourself. 

Don’t fall victim of peer pressure. Recall that the actress on her previous article, adviced women to learn how to forget about replacing their ex lover and move on.

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