Euro 2024: Pots for draws confirmed

The pots for the Euro 2024 draws have been confirmed.

Hosts Germany will be in Pot 1 along with England, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and France.

Pot 3 has tricky teams like the Netherlands, Scotland and the Czech Republic.

The three play-off winners will be in Pot 4 along with Serbia.

Pot 1: Germany (hosts), Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium and England

Pot 2: Hungary, Denmark, Albania, Austria

Pot 3: Scotland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and the Netherlands

Pot 4: Serbia, three play-off winners

To be decided:

Italy – Pot 4 if Croatia beat Armenia or take a point and Wales fail to beat Turkey. Pot 3 if Wales overtakes Croatia

Turkey – Pot 2 if they win their group, Pot 3 if they finish behind Croatia

Romania and Switzerland – Group winner goes into Pot 2, and whoever finishes second goes into Pot 4

Teams who could still yet automatically qualify:

Croatia – Pot 2 if they win the group, Pot 3 if they finish second, or play-offs if they finish third

Wales – Pot 4 if they finish second in the group or play-offs if they finish third

The draw will be held in December in Hamburg.

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