EPL: Why Man City, Chelsea won’t face points deduction like Everton – Aldridge

Liverpool legend, John Aldridge has insisted that neither Manchester City nor Chelsea will be punished with points deduction like Everton.

Last Friday, the Toffees received an immediate 10-point deduction, after being found to have breached the Premier League’s financial rules.

The sanction has left them in the relegation zone.

City are the only other club to have been charged by the Premier League for breaching their financial rules. It’s alleged they breached more than 100 rules between 2009 and 2018.

Chelsea could also face scrutiny over reports of payments connected to ex-owner Roman Abramovich, although they haven’t been charged by the Premier League.

“Everton were a sitting duck. I don’t know how you gauge it so I guess it all comes down to what happens in future. We’ve all seen what’s gone on with Chelsea under Roman Abramovich or everything at Man City – 115 charges,” Aldridge told the Liverpool ECHO.

“Was it because the other teams have gone on to do well? The others are in the top six? Perhaps it has to do with Everton not having the money to fight it.

“City have got unlimited amounts, Chelsea have got unlimited amounts, so they’ve scared off the people who are trying to do them for years, delaying and delaying… Everton physically could not do that – I’m sure they would have done too with the same resources.”

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