England fans heading to Euros will be able to smoke cannabis after Germany legalises drug

ENGLAND fans heading to the Euros will be able to smoke cannabis after Germany legalised the drug today.

Adults can now possess up to 25 grams for recreational purposes — enough for around 75 joints.


Cannabis enthusiasts celebrated outside the landmark Brandenburg Gate in Berlin after recreational cannabis was officially legalised at midnightCredit: Getty

The German Cannabis Association celebrated the news with a “smoke-in” at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate.

Similar events were held in Hamburg, Dortmund and Cologne, where England face Slovenia on June 25.

The decriminalisation could trigger more Foreign Office advice to Brits expected at the tournament, for whom cannabis is rated a Class B drug at home.

It has already warned England and Scotland supporters about strong German beer served in steins up to a 2.5-litre capacity.

Its alcohol content tends to fall between 4.7 per cent and 5.4 per cent compared to the 4.4 per cent average in the UK.

The department pointed out: “You may not be let into the stadium if you drink too much.”

Germany’s new relaxed cannabis rules make it the biggest EU country to part-legalise marijuana — joining more liberal countries such as the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

From July, residents can join non-profit cannabis clubs and buy up to 50 grams a month.

There are also calls for an amnesty for crimes related to the drug under the legislation.

Germany’s Christian Democrats have vowed to reverse the laws.

Universities in the US are rolling out cannabis degrees

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