Don’t take palliative you don’t need, Bishop warns Nigerians

The Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Osogbo, Rev. John Oyejola, has warned Nigerians against act of greed, saying whoever does not need items being offered as palliatives to lessen the burden of the harsh economy, should not take it.

Bishop Oyejola spoke on Sunday in Otan Ayegbaju, Osun State, at the Holy Mass to conclude this year’s annual Marian Pilgrimage, where Catholics across the country had converged for prayers.

Nigerians have been feeling the heat of recent economic policies of the Federal Government.

Prices of goods and services have skyrocketed amidst penury of the masses.

To cushion the hardship, government at all levels provided palliatives to indigent citizens.

The bishop who said Nigerians should adjust their expenses to conform to the current realities of the economy, advised civil servants and politicians not to use privilege of their positions to take palliatives meant to cushion effects of harsh economy on the poor, if they were not in the category of the vulnerable members of the society.

The clergy also cautioned Nigerians against being wasteful, noting that they should simply go for only what they need and avoid keeping what they don’t need.

He said, “Don’t be wasteful. You got to learn how to save and save properly. There is need for adjustment of expenses of social life. You don’t need numerous cars, big houses, flashy clothing and jewelries. Simply go for what you need. Go for distinction between needs and wants.

“Go for only what you need. Don’t stock things up in your house, when you don’t need them. The fact that palliative or other privileges are easily accessible to you does not mean that you should selfishly avail yourself of it. If you don’t need palliative don’t go for it.

“If you need it, collect it. This goes to civil servants and politicians. You are getting reliefs through wage support. Have the discipline not to take palliative, if honestly you are not among the poorest of the poor.

“The poor should be charitable. Honestly is the best policy. Shun rich quick mentality. Don’t do it. You will die fast.”

This year’s edition of the annual Marian Pilgrimage of the Diocese of Osogbo had in attendance several pilgrims, including the immediate past Osun State Deputy Governor, Benedict Alabi and the pioneer Registrar of the National Business and Technical Examination Board, Prof Olu Aina.

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