Disgraced killer attorney Alex Murdaugh hit with 40 more years in prison for defrauding clients

DISGRACED attorney Alex Murdaugh has been handed an additional 40-year sentence after pleading guilty to a string of financial crimes last year.

Murdaugh’s federal sentencing will run concurrently with the 27-year sentence imposed by a state judge last September.


A federal court sentenced Alex Murdaugh to an additional 40 years in prison on MondayCredit: AP
Murdaugh's 40-year sentence will run concurrently with the 27-year and life sentence he's already serving


Murdaugh’s 40-year sentence will run concurrently with the 27-year and life sentence he’s already servingCredit: AP
Alex Murdaugh was convicted in March 2023 of the murders of his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul


Alex Murdaugh was convicted in March 2023 of the murders of his wife, Maggie, and son, PaulCredit: AP

The convicted killer was in court on Monday for perhaps the last time after federal prosecutors said in a filing last week that Murdaugh failed a polygraph test that he agreed to undergo as part of a plea deal.

“The scope and pervasiveness of Murdaugh’s deceit is staggering,” prosecutors said in the filing.

“He ranks as one of the most prolific fraudsters this state has ever seen.

“When the house of cards began to fall, Murdaugh murdered his wife and son.”

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Murdaugh, 55, once again apologized to his victims, saying he felt “sorrow, guilty, shame, embarrassment, and humiliation.”

“There’s not enough time, and I don’t possess a sufficient vocabulary to adequately portray to you in words the magnitude of how I felt about the things I did,” he said.

The disgraced legal heir once again blamed his opioid addiction for his crimes, which Judge Richard Gergel scoffed.

“No, truly impaired person could pull off these complex transactions,” Judge Gergel said of Murdaugh’s deceitful ways he masked for nearly 20 years.

Murdaugh will also have to pay nearly $9 million in restitution.

Last year, he reached a plea deal with prosecutors, agreeing to plead guilty to 14 counts of money laundering, five counts of wire fraud, one count of bank fraud, and other financial charges.

Convicted killer Alex Murdaugh looks ‘sour & gnaws fingers’ in court as defense demands new trial over ‘jury tampering’.mp4

Prosecutors said Murdaugh stole millions from families who sought his help at his Hampton County law firm, cheating his clients out of settlement money.

At his sentencing last September, South Carolina prosecutor Creighton Waters said Murdaugh used his trust as a weapon to steal from his clients.

“The wreckage that was left is unprecedented. This was an egregious as it comes,” Waters told People at the time.

“I think that he felt like he was ultimately entitled to that money because of who he was and the power and influence that he held.”


The disbarred South Carolina Lowcountry attorney is already serving two life terms without parole for the murders of his wife, Maggie, 52, and their youngest son, Paul, 22, in 2021.

After his double murder conviction, Murdaugh appeared in court in January as his attorneys fought for a retrial after accused Colleton County Court Clerk Rebecca Hill of jury tampering.

The defense accused Hill of swaying the jury to convict Murdaugh to secure a book deal.

However, Judge Jean Toal found that Hill’s actions did not influence the jury’s decision to convict the disgraced attorney.

Judge Toal called Hill a “publicity-seeking clerk” but ruled against granting Murdaugh a retrial.

“I simply do not believe that our South Carolina Supreme Court requires a new trial in a very lengthy trial on the strength of some fleeting and foolish comments by a publicly-seeking clerk of court,” the justice said at the time.

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