DigiToads Raises the bar for Memecoins, the demand for Dogecoin (DOGE) and Pepecoin (PEPE) takes a big hit

Meme coins are the hot favorites for this year’s summer. Not only has there been a flurry of newly launched meme coins but many of these meme-based cryptocurrencies have also posted impressive returns. Take the example of Ethereum-based meme coin DigiToads (TOADS) which has been luring crypto users with its hybrid DeFi model. With its unique framework, DigiToads allows its users to benefit from multiple opportunities to earn passive income and secure their future. Its latest ico has taken everyone by surprise and has even led many Dogecoin and Pepecoin holders to switch to the TOADS token – DigiToads’ native cryptocurrency. The DigiToads team has rolled out a 10-part presale process to make the TOADS token available for sale. Of the 10 stages, eight are complete and the ninth one is also in progress. The cryptocurrency ico has raised more than $6.2 million in presale funding and has attracted many buyers.

DigiToads: Hybrid DeFi’s best-kept secret

DigiToads can be credited with bringing the concept of hybrid DeFi to the mainstream. The DigiToads model has been created by fusing the features of three tokens.  The result is a utility-dense model which offers its users more than one way to earn residual income. These opportunities include staking, trading, participating in Web 3.0 games, entering trading competitions, and prize draws.

The platform’s TOADS token is used for all transactions on the network. Interestingly, the token has a deflationary character which means its supply is always controlled to ensure that it stays below the demand. By keeping the demand intentionally scarce, the team ensures that price fluctuations are minimized and the token value stays stable. In case the supply shoots past the stipulated level, the team brings it back within the required range by burning all extra tokens.

In the coming months, the DigiToads team has a lot planned. These plans include an official merchandise range for DigiToads fans across the world. Another plan in the offing is an online think tank called the TOADS school. The think tank would be offering informative sessions on a wide variety of topics including cryptocurrencies. To attend these sessions, a community member should own at least three TOADS NFTs.

What sets DigiToads apart from any new altcoins is its commitment to saving the environment. The DigiTioads team has pledged to donate a small share of the project’s annual profits every year to an organization working for preserving rain forests across the world. The tokens collected from the sale of the official merchandise would also be donated to organizations working for the cause of sustainability.

What are Dogecoin’s prospects in the long run?

Dogecoin is one of the first meme coins that the world saw and over the years it has strengthened its user base to build a global fan following. It’s inspired by a dog breed that’s found in Japan and has a native cryptocurrency that’s called DOGE. It uses the proof-of-work consensus algorithm and new DOGE tokens are generated through mining. The popular meme coin has even enjoyed the patronage of celebrities like Tesla CEO Elon Musk in the past. In the recent past, the DOGE token has been rising rapidly. Judging by its performance and market indicators, most analysts have maintained a strongly bullish outlook toward the DOGE token’s performance in the long run.

Will Pepecoin turn bullish? Here’s what analysts are saying

Pepecoin is another top crypto to invest in that’s inspired by memes on Matt Furie’s popular character – ‘Pepe, the frog’. The meme coin’s popularity has skyrocketed in a short span of time, all thanks to its cutting-edge features. What stands out about the meme coin is its ‘no tax policy’ i.e. users do not have to pay any transaction charges on the platform. The PEPE token is the primary cryptocurrency of the Pepecoin ecosystem. Given the PEPE token’s performance in the past, analysts feel that it has the potential to stay bullish in the coming months.


While both Pepecoin and Dogecoin have their share of strengths, DigiToads has an upper hand over them because of its higher growth potential. Touted to be one of the best altcoins for 2023, DigiToads has the capacity to drive financial empowerment with its hybrid DeFi model. By choosing any of the opportunities offered by the platform to earn passive income, people can even build a steady source of funds that reaps rich rewards in the long run. Visit the DigiToads presale to learn more about this upcoming project and get a chance to accumulate this unique cryptocurrency.

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