Destiny Etiko makes a die-hard young fan’s wish come true on her birthday (Video)

Destiny Etiko, the renowned Nollywood actress, made a young fan’s dream come true as she surprised the ardent admirer on her birthday in a heartwarming reunion that left both the star and her young devotee in tears of joy.

The touching story began when Destiny Etiko shared a video on her social media, revealing the earnest desire of a young female fan to meet her in person.

Destiny Etiko

A photo of Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko. Photo credit: @destinyetikoofficial Source: Instagram

The video depicted the child, identified as Princess Candice, visiting a toy store with her mother and uncle for a birthday treat.

To their amazement, Princess Candice rejected all the toys offered to her and fervently pleaded to see her idol, Destiny Etiko.

According to Princess Candice’s mother, her daughter had been expressing her wish to meet the beloved actress for over a year.

The little girl’s infatuation with Destiny Etiko had even become a distraction at school, catching the attention of her class teacher.

Touched by the young girl’s unwavering devotion, Destiny Etiko took to social media to promise Princess Candice a meeting, but initially planned it for a date after her birthday.

However, Princess Candice had her heart set on meeting her favorite actress on her special day.

Desperate to fulfill Princess Candice’s heartfelt wish, her mother flew her from Lagos to Asaba to meet Destiny Etiko on her birthday.

However, Destiny was not in Asaba on the day of the birthday, which left the little girl heartbroken and in tears.

Moved by the emotional plea and the disappointed state of Princess Candice, Destiny Etiko decided to rearrange her plans.

Determined to bring a smile to the young girl’s face, the compassionate actress immediately made her way to meet the devoted fan.

In a heartfelt post on her social media, Destiny expressed her love for Princess Candice and reassured her that she was on her way to see her.

She wrote;

She told her mum that all her WISH is to see me on her birthday which is today, so her mum flew her from Lagos to ASABA just to see me. Unfortunately, I traveled to the nearby town and told the mum day I would see them tomorrow morning.

Boooooooo I got this from the mum saying she is crying heavily DAT her wish of seeing me today won’t be accomplished.
Pls, my princess @princesscandice11 am driving now to see come u you, my baby. Love u too. Pls, stop crying.”

See below;

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