‘Deploy technology to fight insecurity’

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The presidential candidate of the Accord Party in the 2023 election, Prof. Christopher Imumolen, on Tuesday, called on the ministers appointed by President Bola Tinubu to think outside the box in order to convince Nigerians that they are capable.

While advising them not to disappoint Nigerians in their performance, he charged the ministers to deploy technology, among others to address the challenges of insecurity, starvation and massive infrastructural deficit.

Imumolen, who stated this during a press conference in Abuja, said the youthful ministers should prove critics wrong and go for excellence because Nigerians have so much confidence in them.

He said, “President Bola Tinubu has hearkened to the yearnings of the youths by appointing many younger people into his government. What Nigerians expect from the appointees is for them to exhibit their creative talents by thinking outside the box in order to convince Nigerians that the youths have what it takes to turn things around positively in the interest of the nation.

“There are lots of challenges confronting Nigeria like the issues of insecurity, hunger, starvation and massive infrastructural deficit. The youths are expected to deploy technology, and artificial intelligence, among others to address the country’s challenges.”

He added that the responsibility of creating a positive change now rests on their shoulder.

“They should not disappoint the youths who have been clamouring for youth inclusiveness in the affairs of Nigeria. They must show Nigerians that they have what it takes to create a positive change in the social, economic and political landscape of the country.

“We fought for youth inclusion in governance and that is what President Bola Tinubu is currently doing. I was the only youth in the last presidential election. I was the youngest in that race. What I was trying to drive is that youths have to be included because they carry the creativity, energy, exposure and knowledge to drive our country to the next destination. The youth of this nation are tired of being used and dumped. They are tired of not being included in the political calculation of this country,” he said.

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