Delegation of Arab Politicians Praises China’s Xinjiang Policy Amid Controversy

A delegation consisting of politicians from Arab nations, led by a member of Fatah’s Revolutionary Council of Palestine, visited Xinjiang in China and commended the region’s policies, sparking criticism from experts and Uyghur rights advocates.

The delegation, representing Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, and Tunisia, received a warm welcome from Xinjiang’s Communist Party chief, Ma Xingrui, on March 27 in Urumqi.

The visit was aimed at showcasing Xinjiang’s development and stability to the international community, contrasting with accusations of genocide against the Uyghur population by the United States and some Western nations.

According to reports, Ma Xingrui emphasized the region’s progress, stability, and protection of human rights for all ethnic groups, while denouncing Western allegations as lies.

Experts suggest that China carefully orchestrated the visit to hide the persecution of Uyghurs and that the delegation should have been allowed to interact freely with Uyghur Muslims to gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

China’s strategic use of such visits to Xinjiang to strengthen its influence in the Arab world and push back against Western powers has been apparent in recent diplomatic engagements with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The Arab world’s reception of China’s narrative on Xinjiang has raised concerns among scholars and activists, pointing to potential political dynamics at play that favor China’s geopolitical goals over human rights concerns.

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