Congo Denies Reports Of Coup Attempt

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By John Ikani

Congo Brazzaville Government, led by President Denis Sassou Nguesso, has refuted rumours of a coup attempt against the administration.

On Sunday, various social media accounts suggested that a coup attempt was in progress in the nation while the president was away in the United States.

Reacting to the reports, the country’s Minister of Communication and Media, Thierry Moungalla dismissed the claims on his Twitter page.

“URGENT – there are indications of significant developments unfolding in Brazzaville.

“The Government denies this false information. We want to reassure the public that a sense of peace prevails and urge everyone to continue their daily routines,” the minister tweeted.

The nation’s president, a former military officer, has held power since 1997.

What you should know

Congo-Brazzaville has a history of coups. Since its independence from France in 1960, the country has experienced at least six successful coups d’état, and several more unsuccessful attempts.

The first coup occurred in 1963, when President Fulbert Youlou was overthrown by a group of military officers. He was succeeded by Alphonse Massamba-Débat, who was himself ousted in a coup in 1968. The new president, Marien Ngouabi, established a one-party state and ruled until his assassination in 1977.

Ngouabi was succeeded by Jacques Yhombi-Opango, who was overthrown in a coup in 1979 by Denis Sassou-Nguesso. Sassou-Nguesso ruled for over three decades, before being defeated in the country’s first multi-party elections in 1992. However, he regained power in a civil war in 1997, and has remained in office ever since.

The most recent coup attempt occurred in 2017, when a group of soldiers briefly seized control of the state radio station and called for an uprising against Sassou-Nguesso. However, the coup was quickly crushed by government forces.

Congo-Brazzaville’s history of coups is due to a number of factors, including ethnic tensions, political instability, and economic inequality. The country is also rich in natural resources, such as oil and timber, which have made it a target for foreign intervention and corruption.

The coups have had a devastating impact on Congo-Brazzaville. They have led to widespread violence, economic and political instability. The country remains one of the poorest and most underdeveloped in Africa.

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