Chilling clues point to first-ever Arizona elk death after husband finds his wife ‘trampled’ in their backyard

A WOMAN has died after she was trampled by an elk in her backyard.

This death could be Arizona’s first-ever elk death as the victim died eight days after the attack.


Investigators have revealed clues that could confirm Arizona’s first death caused by an elk just days after a woman died from her injuriesCredit: Google Maps
Officials revealed that elk tracks and a spilled bucket of corn were observed in the yard after that incident


Officials revealed that elk tracks and a spilled bucket of corn were observed in the yard after that incidentCredit: Getty

The apparent attack happened at the Pine Lake community in the Hualapai Mountains, located in the northern part of the state near Nevada’s and California’s borders.

Investigators have revealed that the victim’s injuries were “consistent with being trampled by an elk.”

In a press release, Arizona’s Game and Fish Department revealed more details that could point to an animal attack.

They shared that the victim’s husband observed a bucket of spilled corn nearby but there were no witnesses to the incident.


Officials also say they found multiple elk tracks in the yard when they visited the property.

The incident happened in the afternoon on October 26 while the husband was in Kingman.

He found his wife on the ground when he returned home at around 6 pm and then called 911.

The victim was sent to a local hospital and was later transferred to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She was placed in a medically induced coma but she later died on November 3.

A coroner determined that her death was caused by an accident, according to the Clark County Medical Examiner’s Office.

The local community was informed about the accident and the dangers of elks by a Game and Fish officer.

The officer warned each household not to feed or approach the animals and placed door hangers on properties along the road where the incident took place.

Although this could be Arizona’s first fatal elk attack, the state has recorded five other attacks in the past five years.

The agency has confirmed that it will monitor elk activities in the area.

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