Cher Receives Icon Award at iHeartRadio Music Awards for Sustainability in Fashion Choices

Cher, the legendary pop icon, was honored with the prestigious Icon Award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles. The award ceremony took place at the iconic Dolby Theatre on Monday night, with a star-studded lineup celebrating the icon’s contribution to the music industry.

The Oscar-winning actor and Grammy-winning singer, Cher, captured the audience’s hearts as she recounted her four-decade-old pair of Chrome Hearts pants. Defying the norms of fast fashion, Cher proudly embraced sustainability, revealing her commitment to reusing her beloved outfit.

Reflecting on her long-standing career, Cher expressed gratitude for her loyal fans who have supported her through the decades. Despite the passage of time, Cher’s influence remains unwavering, resonating with audiences across generations. She humorously acknowledged that most of the attendees were not even born when her career began with Sonny & Cher in the ’60s.

Cher’s resilience and determination shone through her acceptance speech as she shared her journey of navigating through challenges in the industry. Encouraging aspiring artists, she emphasized the importance of holding onto one’s dreams, irrespective of setbacks or doubts. Her words of wisdom echoed a message of perseverance and unwavering dedication.

Prior to receiving the prestigious award, Cher graced the stage with a captivating performance of her chart-topping hit, ‘Believe.’ A highlight of the evening was Jennifer Hudson‘s powerful rendition of Cher’s iconic track, ‘If I Could Turn Back Time,’ setting the stage for a memorable collaboration between the two powerhouse vocalists.

The Icon Award presentation was a momentous occasion, introduced by none other than Meryl Streep, a longtime friend and colleague of Cher. Streep’s heartfelt words paid tribute to Cher’s remarkable achievement of securing a No. 1 Billboard song in every decade since her debut, highlighting the enduring legacy of the music icon.

As the night concluded with an air of celebration, Cher’s unwavering spirit and commitment to sustainability in fashion choices left a lasting impression on the audience. The iHeartRadio Music Awards marked a pivotal moment in honoring Cher’s remarkable contributions to the music industry, solidifying her status as an enduring icon.

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