Businessman describes terrifying ‘War of the Worlds’ moment he watched ‘Walmart-sized UFO’ soar over his head

A BUSINESSMAN has sat down to talk about the horrifying moment he came face-to-face with a UFO.

Steve Allen, the star of Netflix’s docuseries, Encounter, detailed the moment the large UFO flew over his head.


Steven Allen shares the moment he came face to face with a UFOGCredit: Tamron Hall Show
Allen's statement caused over 300 people to confirm they also saw the UFO


Allen’s statement caused over 300 people to confirm they also saw the UFOCredit: Netflix
Allen tells his story on Netflix's new show, Encounter


Allen tells his story on Netflix’s new show, EncounterCredit: Netflix

Allen was a leading witness to one of the largest mass UFO sightings in American history.

In 2008, the businessman was enjoying a campfire with his friends in Stevenville, Texas when they spotted something otherworldly in the night sky.

“All of a sudden, I see some real bright high-intensity lights off to the east headed our way at a high velocity of speed,” he explained.

“The lights were so bright it was unlike anything I’d ever seen, it was almost blinding to look at them.

“What amazed me is there was no wind noise, no engine noise it was silence. When it came past us I developed the most peaceful, easy feeling I think I’ve ever had in my life. It was almost like a religious experience like I was at one with whatever it was.”

After witnessing the strange spacecraft, two F-16 fighters followed behind it, in a moment that felt like “War of the Worlds.”

Allen said the ordeal was so frightening it scared his mailman.

He added that it disappeared and reappeared closer than ever, describing the ship to be “the size of Walmart”.

Allen said his wife advised him not to tell anyone else for fear he would look crazy.

But the worried businessman had other ideas.

“Me being a man, next thing I know I’m on the phone to the airport, the newspaper, and everybody else trying to get some answers [about] what that was,” he told Tamron Hall.

While his wife was against it, Allen speaking out opened the doors for the dozens of witnesses in Stevensville to confirm exactly what he saw.

Within a few months, over 300 people claimed they had also seen a large delta-shaped UFO.

Initially, the Air Force denied that there were fighter jets in the area for two weeks. However, they would later have to retract their statement and admit that 12 jets were in Stevensville that night.

Allen would leverage the Freedom of Information Act to confirm that there was a spacecraft where he was that night.

He added: “It wasn’t from this world, I could say that just from its sheer speed and maneuverability,” he explained.

The UFO was described as the size of a Walmart


The UFO was described as the size of a WalmartCredit: Getty

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