Bride Slumps And Die On Her Wedding Day, Her Family Quickly Use Her Junior Sister To Replace Her Instead Of Calling Off The Wedding Ceremony (Photos)

 Families and friends were thrown into sudden mourning over a young woman who died just a day after her wedding celebration.

The woman, whose name was given simply as Vivian, got married on Saturday, July 18, but died on Sunday, July 19 leaving friends and families in deep shock and sorrow knowing that they celebrated with her just a day before.

It was apparent that the deceased was sick on her wedding day noting that she walked down the aisle in a way that was not very vibrant. Also she noticeably had a cannula for drip inserted into her veins and it remained in her hand throughout the ceremony.

Friends have taken to the social media to express their shock over the lady simply known as Vivian’s sudden death.

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