BJP Leader Eshwarappa’s Meeting with Amit Shah Cancelled, Declares Independent Contest

A significant turn of events unfolded in the realm of Karnataka politics as K.S. Eshwarappa, a prominent BJP leader, faced a setback when his anticipated meeting with Union Home Minister Amit Shah was abruptly cancelled upon his arrival in Delhi on Wednesday night.

The cancellation of the meeting came as a surprise, leading Eshwarappa to interpret it as a signal from the BJP high command indicating his endorsement to proceed with his decision to challenge veteran leader B.S. Yediyurappa‘s son, B.Y. Raghavendra, in the upcoming Lok Sabha election from Shivamogga.

Expressing his sentiments to the media in Delhi, Eshwarappa disclosed, “I received an invitation from Mr. Shah during his visit to Bengaluru, urging me to come to Delhi for a face-to-face discussion regarding my recent dissent. However, upon my arrival in Delhi, I was informed that the meeting stands cancelled.”

Interpreting this turn of events, Eshwarappa asserted, “This implies that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Mr. Shah are affirming my decision to challenge and triumph over Mr. Raghavendra to convey a message to Mr. Yediyurappa, who is accused of perpetuating dynastic politics.”

The genesis of Eshwarappa’s rebellion traces back to his son, K.E. Kanthesh, being denied a party ticket to contest from the Haveri Lok Sabha constituency, attributed to Yediyurappa. This sparked Eshwarappa’s defiance against the former Chief Minister, culminating in his resolve to stand against Yediyurappa’s son in Shivamogga.

Having adhered to the party central leadership’s directive in the past, abstaining from contesting in the 2023 Assembly elections, Eshwarappa’s expectation of reciprocation by securing a ticket for his son was left unfulfilled, fueling his current stance. Emphatically criticizing Yediyurappa’s role in his son’s ticket denial, Eshwarappa announced his candidacy against Raghavendra in Shivamogga.

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