Biden refers to Putin as `crazy SOB’ at campaign donor event

U.S. President Joe Biden on Wednesday took a harsh swipe at Russian President Vladimir Putin at an election rally in the western state of California.

Biden, during a speech in San Francisco on Wednesday evening, referred to the Russian president as a “crazy SOB.’’

This was reported by the members of the press travelling with him.


The abbreviation “SOB’’ stands for “Son of a Bitch’’.

Biden was talking about climate change as an existential threat to humanity to a small group of campaign donors when he made the comment, only mentioning Putin in passing.

“This is the last existential threat, it is climate.


“We have a crazy SOB like that guy Putin, and others, and we always have to worry about nuclear conflict, but the existential threat to humanity is climate,’’ the 81-year-old said.

The Democrat, who is seeking a second term in the presidential election in November, has used the expletive before.

A reporter from Fox News recalled when he threw a rhetorical question at the president in January 2022 on the sidelines of a public appearance in Washington.

Biden muttered for all to hear, as his microphone was still switched on: “what a stupid son of a bitch.’’

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