BBN: Not contesting for N120m made me freer, says Kim Oprah

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A former beauty queen, and a ‘house guest’ on the ongoing TV reality show, Big Brother Naija (All Stars), Kim Oprah, has said that because she was not contesting for the N120m prize money on the show, she was freer and more relaxed.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, she said, “During my first appearance on BBN (Pepper Dem) in 2019, I was contesting for the money. And, that did not really allow me to showcase myself as a person. I was more into the game, and how I could strategise and scheme my way to the top. But, having this opportunity to be a house guest, take part in tasks and win some money was great.”

Oprah also stated that at no time did she wish to contest for the grand prize. She said, “I had initially been approached to be one of the original housemates, but my schedule did not allow it. So, they kept me on reserve. When they eventually got back to me concerning being a house guest, it was a no-brainer for me, because it was an easier schedule for me to accommodate. I just needed to be in the house for a few weeks.”

She also stated that at no point during the competition did she wish she was eligible to contest for the prize money. She said, “BBN

is not all about the money. It is also about the platform, and what one can make out of it afterwards. Yes, only one person will win the money; but one can also do a lot with the platform.”

She also stated that she did not come between Pere and Cross in the house as their relationship was already in ‘a state of chaos’ before she joined. She added, “I was actually the one who single-handedly got them back on talking terms.

“I did not meet them together. I knew them individually. So, those were relationships I already had before the house.”

Oprah also asserted that though she was pretty, she also had the brain to go with it. She said, “I might be a pretty face, but I have the brain as well, and I am very talented. I can do so many things, and I needed to let people know that.”

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