April Showers Hit the Grand Duchy, Expect Heavy Rainfall and Strong Winds

Residents in the Grand Duchy are in for a wet and windy day today as heavy rainfall and strong winds sweep across the region, according to the latest forecast.

The weather forecast predicts up to 10 litres of rain per square metre in the morning, making for a particularly soggy start to the day. As the day progresses, the rain is expected to ease off slightly, although brisk winds could reach speeds of up to 65 km/h at their peak.

Temperatures are set to hover between 9-11°C in the morning, with daytime highs reaching just 13°C, making it a chilly and damp day for residents.

Authorities have issued cautionary advice for motorists, urging safe travels amidst the adverse weather conditions. Police checks are expected throughout the day to ensure road safety.

For the latest weather updates and forecasts in Luxembourg, residents are encouraged to check their local sources. Additionally, real-time traffic information, including motorway webcams, can be accessed for a smoother commute.

Stay informed and stay safe as the Grand Duchy faces this bout of April showers. Remember to download the smartphone app for timely news updates and alerts.

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