AFCON Final: Ways to ensure personal safety while watching Nigeria vs Cote d’Ivoire

Not less than four persons were reported dead while watching the Nigeria vs South Africa semi-final match.

While one of those confirmed dead was reportedly hypertensive, the cause of death remains undetermined for others.

The Super Eagles of Nigeria will again battle the Elephants of Ivory Coast in the final of the ongoing African Cup of Nations in Abidjan on Sunday.

In this report, PUNCH Online highlights some ways to ensure personal safety and prevent health complications while watching the match on Sunday evening:

1. Monitor Your Blood Pressure: Keep track of your blood pressure before, during, and after the match, and take necessary actions if you notice any significant increase.

2. Stay Hydrated with Water: Drink plenty of water throughout the game to stay hydrated and maintain optimal blood circulation.

3. Avoid Heavy Meals: Opt for light, nutritious snacks instead of heavy or greasy foods to avoid putting extra strain on your cardiovascular system.

4. Prioritise Sleep: Ensure you get adequate rest before and after the match, as lack of sleep can contribute to elevated blood pressure levels.

5. Stay Active: Incorporate light physical activity during breaks, like stretching or gentle yoga, to promote blood circulation and reduce tension.

6. Have a Support and Emergency Plan: Watch the game with supportive friends or family, and keep important phone numbers handy in case of emergencies.

7. Limit Alcohol Consumption: Avoid excessive alcohol to prevent dehydration and worsening of hypertension.

8. Monitor Temperature and Humidity: Be aware of environmental factors like heat and humidity, which can increase stress on the body.

9. Use Relaxation Techniques: Practice techniques like progressive muscle relaxation or guided imagery to lower stress levels during intense moments.

10. Stay Informed About Health Conditions: Understand how pre-existing health conditions may interact with the excitement of the game and take appropriate precautions.

11. Communicate with Healthcare Providers: Consult with your healthcare provider beforehand to plan for managing hypertension during the match.

12. Take Breaks When Needed: Step away from the game if feeling overwhelmed, and engage in calming activities until you feel more relaxed.

13. Engage In Light Exercise: Use halftime for light physical activities like walking or stretching to promote relaxation and improve circulation.

14. Use Stress Balls Or Fidget Toys: Keep stress-relief tools on hand to help lower stress levels during intense moments.

15. Stay Mindful of Body Signals: Pay attention to your body’s signals and respond promptly to symptoms of increased blood pressure or discomfort.

16. Plan Relaxing Activities After The Game: Schedule calming activities for after the match to unwind and decompress.

By following these safety tips, you can enjoy Nigeria vs Cote d’Ivoire final while prioritising your health and well-being.

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