Actress Angie Harmon Speaks Out After Delivery Driver Fatally Shoots Family Dog

Actress Angie Harmon has expressed her shock and grief after a delivery driver fatally shot the family dog at her Charlotte residence. The incident, which occurred over the Easter weekend, has sparked outrage and raised questions about the actions of the involved delivery driver.

The former star of Law & Order and Rizzoli & Isles took to social media to recount the harrowing experience. According to Harmon, the Instacart driver, whose identity has not been disclosed, shot their beloved dog named Oliver after delivering groceries to their home.

In a statement, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police confirmed that they received a call regarding a dog being shot. The driver claimed self-defense, stating that the dog had attacked him upon his arrival at the residence. Despite this, no charges were filed, and the driver was released.

The actress revealed that she and her daughters were present at the time of the incident. She noted that the delivery driver callously admitted to shooting their dog, even in the absence of any visible injuries on him. Harmon expressed her disbelief at the driver’s nonchalant attitude following the tragic event.

Describing her anguish, Harmon mentioned that their Ring camera, which could have provided evidence of the incident, was not active during the encounter. This has raised concerns about the driver’s knowledge of being unrecorded and the implications this may have had on his actions.

Instacart responded to the situation by swiftly suspending the driver from their platform. The company expressed deep sadness and assured cooperation with authorities in the ongoing investigation. They emphasized their stance against any form of violence.

Colin Sheeley and Dennis Romero from NBC News reported on Harmon’s account of the incident, shedding light on the distressing turn of events that has left the actress and her family shattered by the loss of their cherished pet.

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