“A lot of bloggers are cashing out because of me” – Yul Edochie

Yul Edochie, a controversial actor has stated that he is the reason why a lot of people have turned into bloggers and cashing out.

Yul Edochie made this daring remark on his social media page adding that he is the most talked about man in Nigeria.

He claims to have converted numerous people into bloggers and is responsible for traffic to their websites. The father of five further stated that he had made many people wealthy by capitalizing on rumors about him.

Yul Edochie, who claimed it was in God’s favor, expressed gratitude to his Lord. He penned;

"A lot of bloggers are cashing out because of me" - Yul Edochie



I have turned so many people into bloggers on Facebook and YouTube & they’re all cashing out.

Every family is discussing Yul Edochie, everywhere you go, everybody is discussing me.

Some people on social media, when they talk about themselves get 10 comments, when they talk about Yul Edochie they get thousands of comments.

They come up with all sorts of stories about me cos I bring traffic to their pages. They just can’t stop talking about me. Say hello to the King. Isi Mmili Ji Ofor. It’s called GRACE. GOD’S GRACE.Thank you, Lord.  Thank you to my fans. Na we dey here.”

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