A judge dismissed my lawsuit against Chase when $100,000 & a $10k necklace vanished – years later I saw it on TV

A TEACHER recalled the moment she realized $100,000 in cash and a necklace suddenly vanished.

Jenny Morsch, of Florida, sued Chase but saw judges dismiss her claims.


Jenny Morsch said her items which were locked in a Chase vault disappearedCredit: Inside Edition

Years later, she even saw one of the items appear on television, per Inside Edition.

Morsch was a loyal customer at Chase and revealed she had a safe at one of the branches in Orlando.

But, on one occasion, she couldn’t open the vault.

A Chase representative managed to get the safe open but her possessions were gone.

Thousands of dollars of cash and jewelry appeared to disappear without a trace.

Morsch claimed the bank didn’t lose anything and felt the company didn’t believe her claims.

“I knew in my heart I was right and no matter what I said, they didn’t believe me,” she fumed.

She sued Chase but was unsuccessful.

Around three years later, Morsch was watching the television when she spotted her necklace.

The jewelry was part of a news broadcast about a state auction being held.

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Then, officials at the Florida Unclaimed Property Division revealed they had Morsch’s other items.

Morsch said she broke down after hearing the revelation.

Chase has vehemently denied the allegations that have been leveled against the chain.

Legal papers suggest that her items were unintentionally deemed abandoned.

Morsch, who has been reunited with most of her belongings, has since switched banks.

But, she admitted she felt vulnerable as the ordeal unfolded.

The U.S. Sun has approached Chase for comment.

Meanwhile, The U.S. Sun reported how senior Bobby Hamilton lost around $100,000 after his safe was allegedly stolen from his home.

A couple, who live in San Francisco, saw their life savings stolen within minutes after they were victims of theft.

Morsch said she saw the item on a news bulletin as part of a segment about an auction


Morsch said she saw the item on a news bulletin as part of a segment about an auctionCredit: Inside Edition
She tried to sue Chase but her claims failed


She tried to sue Chase but her claims failedCredit: Getty

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